Allcargo Analyst Meet 2018

Valorem Week Analyst Conference 2018

IR Magazine - Panel Discussion

IR Magazine - Panel Discussion

Investor Relations Events

- Get invites for all the major broker conferences in India
- Managing attendance at key investor conferencesd
- Proper conference scheduling to ensure day is well utilised

Organising Roadshows:
- Organising domestic NDRs
- Getting participation from both buy and sell side team
- A typical roadshow will see attendance from close to 30+ people in a single day

Analyst meets:
- Organising and managing Annual Analyst meet
- Managing invitations and registrations
- Doing on site event management

Analyst meets:
- Unique and India’s only conference organised by an Investor Relations management agency
- Participants included both buy side and sell side analysts with a large proportion of retail and PMS funds
- Valorem Day 2016 saw participation 200+ capital market participants